Desk Calendars and desk accessories by Parvum Opus
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2018 Desk Calendar, Small Size

Price: $35.00
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We're thrilled to introduce our completely redesigned 2018 desk calendars, now in two lovely sizes by popular demand. This listing is for the smaller version, just a tad larger than the original, and still perfect for the 5" tall brass easel if you already have one.

Our 2018 calendars feature an elegant new layout to better showcase our original watercolor illustrations, and are now beautifully printed on exquisite, heavy cotton paper stock from the venerable American papermakers, Crane & Co. We've also attended to and enhanced every element of our packaging this year, including a handmade hinged-lid gift box option. These boxes are made in the bindery from hand-cut archival boards and fine Italian papers, and make beautiful keepsakes on their own. The calendar cards, easels and gift boxes are all available 'a la carte', so you can easliy select exactly the combination you need. 


Calendar cards: 12 individual cards, 3½ x 4" each, $35 each set of 12

Optional solid brass easel: 5" tall, $28 each

Optional handmade gift box: 6¼ x 4¾ x 2¼", lined inside and out in Florentine paper (pattern may vary), $32 each