Handmade Obelisks by Parvum Opus
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21" Obelisk with Ball Spacers

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Our handbuilt obelisks are meticulously crafted to order in the bindery. These 21½" tall obelisks have complex interior structures to support their great height, and it takes upwards of 40 precisely cut pieces to construct each one. The charming ball spacers we use in this variant are hand-painted to coordinate with your selected paper pattern, and add a lovely decorative touch.

Our obelisks are sold individually. Commissions for obelisks in bespoke paper patterns are welcome and we invite you to contact us for details.


21½" tall, 4" wide at the base, with ¾" painted wooden ball spacers 

When ordering, please select 'Group 1&2 papers' or Group 3 papers', and enter one paper pattern for each obelisk ordered from the papers shown below. 


group 3 marbled papers