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3.5x5" Folding Picture Frame, Double or Triple

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A charming and sentimental gift, our 3.5x5" folding picture frames are available with either two or three window openings. We've designed these to feature matching or contrasting patterned paper exteriors, but you can of course request book cloth exteriors if you prefer. Our archival frames fold closed and feature window openings fitted with acid-free crystal clear architectural model plastic. 


Double 3.5x5" Picture Frame: 10½ x 6½ x ¼" open, 5 x 6½ x ½" closed

-holds two 3.5x5" photos

Triple 3.5x5" Picture Frame: 14¼ x 6½ x ¼" open, 5 x 6½ x ¾" closed

-holds three 3.5x5" photos

When placing your order, please indicate one paper pattern for the interior and one paper pattern or book cloth color for the exterior from those shown below. If you'd like to see larger images of our paper and book cloth palette, please visit the Paper and Book Cloth Palette pages at www.parvumopus.com.