Parvum Opus offers custom desk blotters in the size and materials of your choice.
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Double Hinged Desk Blotters in 2 Sizes

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Our double hinged desk blotters are available in 9" x 12" or 11" x 15" sizes, and provide an elegant writing surface whose side flaps can be closed for a tidy desk. 

Our book cloth covered hinged blotters are available jacketed in any of our 10 book cloth colors and are lined in the paper of your choice. ´╗┐The decorative paper covered hinged blotters feature sturdy Italian book cloth spines and are lined to match the covers.


-9x12" size: 9½" x 12½" x ½" closed, 26" x 9½" x ½" open

-11x15" size: 11½" x 15½" x ½" closed, 32" x 11½" x ½" open 

-2 interior pockets

-Refillable with Canson® Watercolor Cold Pressed paper,  9x12" or 11x15", 90lb. weight, acid-free and made in France

-All acid-free, archival materials

When placing your order, please select one paper pattern and one book cloth selection from those shown below. If you'd like to see larger images of our paper and book cloth palette, suggested combinations and examples of pieces made in each paper, please visit the Paper and Book Cloth Palette pages at