Parvum Opus Desk Organizer are made to order in custom paper patterns.
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French Curve Desk Organizer

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The French Curve Desk Organizer features 2 slots for your stationery or letters and makes a functional and beautiful addition to your well-appointed desk or workspace. The front slot is divided into an area for pens and a smaller section for paper clips, stamps, etc. For these new designs, we used classic architect's French curves to draw the closed sides, giving them a beautiful profile. Like all of our desk accessories, we craft this piece completely by hand using traditional techniques, bookbinder's board and the fine archival paper of your choice. If none of our 18 in-stock papers strikes your fancy, we're happy to source the perfect paper for your specific needs. 

-4 1/4"H at the back, 2 1/2" H at the sides, 1 1/4" H at the front, 
11 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D

-2 Slots, 11"W, 1 1/2"D
-Front slot pen section: 8 1/2" W, paper clip/stamp section: 2 1/2" W

When placing your order, please enter one paper pattern from those shown below. If you'd care to see larger swatches of our paper palette, along with samples of pieces made in each one, we invite you to visit the Paper Palette Pages at