Letter Sorter by Parvum Opus
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Petite Letter Sorter

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We are pleased to offer made-to-order letter sorters, expertly crafted from acid-free bookbinder's board, exquisite and durable papers from Japan, Italy and France, and all featuring solid brass feet. If you have something different in mind, contact us and we'll be delighted to design something especially for you. Our custom made to order Petite Letter Sorter is beautifully designed to coordinate with our desk blotters, notepad folios and picture frames.


-5" w x 4.5" t x 3.75"d
-4 slots, each .75" wide
-.5" diameter solid brass ball feet 
When placing your order, please enter one paper pattern from those shown below. If you'd like to see larger images of our paper and book cloth palette, suggested combinations and examples of pieces made in each paper, please visit the Paper and Book Cloth Palette pages at www.parvumopus.com.