Scalloped Pencil Tray by Parvum Opus
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Scalloped Pencil Tray

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It's a pleasure to introduce our scalloped trays. This pencil and pen tray design is of course handy on your desk, but it also makes a very special home for a favorite watch or bracelet. Each is crafted from hand-cut archival book boards meticulously clad in fine papers: the detail work required to craft the scallop edges is befitting of a couture gown, and the result is a beautifully crafted piece made to order just for you.

We're delighted to offer a new series of stunning hand marbled papers for use in our scalloped trays, made expressly for Parvum Opus by marbling artists in England and Brazil. Each sheet is a unique work made by hand using centuries-old techniques. These are listed under 'Group 3' below at an additional fee. 


-8¾" x 2" x 1", interior â€‹dimensions

-9¼" x 2½" x 1¼", exterior dimensions

When placing your order, please select 'Group 1&2' or 'Group 3' papers and enter your paper pattern selection from those shown below. If you'd like to see larger images of our paper and book cloth palette, suggested combinations and examples of pieces made in each paper, please visit our Paper and Book Cloth Palette pages